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enigmania's Journal

Life, sewing, and theoretical physics
20 December
Hello! I am a grad student in Physics at UWM, and love it despite the occasional whining and whimpering. I've recently picked up sewing as a hobby, although I spend more time thinking about stuff I want to make than actually making it. I'm a big geek - if you didn't guess from the physics - and as such I enjoy tabletop roleplaying, comic books (though I tend more to graphic novels), and watching anime.

I sometimes add random interesting sounding people I run across in communities; you should in no way feel obliged to add me back, unless of course you want to.

Disclaimer: I talk informally about physics topics here, many of which are outside my area of focus. Please take my pronouncements with a grain of salt; I enjoy trying to explain things, but don't always take the time to check references before musing about cool stuff from memory- consider this conversation, not publication. Hopefully I will at least be misguided in interesting ways.