Exercise redux.

The new apartment has a few nifty options for getting back into exercising after my post-thesis-coma/moving-prep hiatus. The apartment comes from a scientist who's left AEI to join his wife in their apartment in Spain, so he has no use for the apartment furniture and is passing it all along to me.

Aside from the intriguing new prospect of a proper wardrobe and dresser (and delusions of future organization), the apartment furniture includes a pull-up bar, and (squeee!) a Concept 2 rowing machine! Also it's close to the big park for running, though I think I'll save that for the summer.

The additional exercise-inducing apartment feature? It's on the fifth floor (fourth in European floors), the apartments have nice high ceilings, and there is *no* elevator.

Hello from Berlin!

Greetings livejournal friends! I've been very neglectful of you lately, so I thought I'd ease into Germany stories with a short post from my new apartment, which is here:
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I'm conveniently close to one of the major subway/railway/commuter stations, which makes going to work in Golm fairly easy, and also makes coming home from late nights out in the trendy parts of East Berlin (of which perhaps more stories later) also fairly easy. Already got my monthly transit pass, which is a bit spendy, but gosh the public transit infrastructure here is hella awesome.

Anyway, I'm starting to get settled in here. I miss Milwaukee people, but the group here is pretty fun too. Was at the institute till late last night for a work group Halloween party. We had speakers in the atrium and danced to everything from techno to tango, with a an interlude at the macarena. There was fresh made pizza! Yay dancing!

I caved to peer pressure and dressed as Sarah Palin, (or as Tina Fey imitating Sarah Palin), mostly because I could put such a costume together from things in my wardrobe and a printed out polar bear pin - having already the glasses and brown hair and bangs. The costume went over pretty well, probably helped in part by the simple fact that high heels and a narrow knee-length skirt are a pretty hot combination that I really should find an excuse to wear more often.

Ten days left

So, in ten days I get on a plane with a couple suitcases of clothing and personal effects and head over to Berlin, where I shall be spending the next year or three. It still doesn't seem quite real.

I've started looking at apartments and just culled about half my wardrobe and I'm wrapping up my work on projects with people here. Uwe will come back to Milwaukee after a week of apartment-hunting, so I don't need to worry about forgetting important things - he can ship things or bring them along in a couple months when he moves. But I still don't feel ready.

Been doing some goodbye hanging out with Milwaukee friends. Speaking of which, for those of you in Milwaukee who I haven't managed to contact - I'm having a goodbye party next Saturday (the 4th), and you are invited! I don't have the location quite sorted out (maybe Nick's place?) so let me know if you're interested in coming.

Movement: local and global, in two to four dimensions

Current move-to-Berlin plan: I leave about a week into October, and stay at one of the Max Planck gueshouses till the end of that month. Uwe comes with me for a week of apartment hunting and then returns to Milwaukee to finish packing, sorting out boa-constrictor-importing and cyclocross racing season.

I went out to Mad Planet last night! I am sorely out of dancing shape. But it was fantastic. I need to remember how much I love dancing. It felt like dormant parts of me were waking up in anticipation all Friday, dancing around my office and in the bathroom. I have especially been enjoying doing physical things since submitting my dissertation. Paddling around on windsurfing boards at Wasa, spending weekend afternoons around Milwaukee at beaches splashing around or (ineptly) playing beach volleyball. I actually have a tan! I only manage to get one about one summer in four, I think.

I spent a fun hour-ish yesterday afternoon figuring out how to explain why one cannot keep a string knotted in four-dimensional space. I made little diagrams! Oooh I should make computer figures put them here:

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And lastly, this meme was kinda fun:

Hmm, doesn't seem to show. That PersonalDNA one. I'm a benevolent inventor!


I just spontaneously booked tickets to head up to Seattle for the Penny Arcade Expo at the end of this month. I'm so excited! I probably should be saving money for moving but this'll likely be the last time in a while I'll be able to so easily jaunt across the States for it. And see many of my old UBC pals! I'll have a bit of time before and after if anyone has brilliant Seattle wandering tips to share.

Moderately related, I just beat On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode One yesterday. Fun!

I like summer. And not working on a thesis anymore.

And in a couple months I move to Berlin. Eek! Moving things cross-ocean is expensive, so I guess we'll be storing or selling or giving away what furniture we have here, and then buying stuff from IKEA and/or the circle of postdocs departing the AEI. So I just need to find an apartment that allows, er, terrarium-enclosed pets. Large terrarium-enclosed pets.

Three things meme

Well I handed my draft to the committee, I gave my departmental colloquium, and now just revisions and edits and studying and a few research tasks until my defense in a week and a bit.

So here is that interesting three unique things meme!

Post 3 things you’ve done in your lifetime that you don’t think anybody else on your friends list has done.
See if anybody else responds with “I’ve done that.” If they have, you need to add another! (2.b., 2.c., etc…)

1) Taught English to schoolkids (and teachers) in Thailand and Laos.

2) Written BASIC code on a Tandy laptop.
2 b) Let's try... Eaten live wiggling larvae. Possibly silkworm.
2 c) Had open chest surgery?

3) Spent 10 days without speaking to the people around me. (Meditation retreat).

(I wanted to put "sewn my own wedding dress" but I know at least one person on my friendslist has also).


Thesis thesis thesis. Thesis thesis? Thesis thesis thesis thesis. Thesis thesis thesis, thesis thesis, thesis thesis thesis thesis thesis.


(current pdf is 58 pages)

Earth Hour

Uwe and I just spent an hour playing Carcasonne by candlelight (specifically, by the light of the Massive Candle of Love from our wedding) with all the servers off and everything. It was pretty awesome! He beat my by six points, but I kept not noticing my cloisters had been completed and leaving the little dudes on there, dammmit. We had a total farmer stalemate at the end, too.

And then we went straight back to the computers :)